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Coping with Stress

Published by Safety Net Team

May 14, 2024

It’s hardly surprising that stress has become an unavoidable aspect of modern life for many individuals. However, there are numerous strategies that can mitigate its negative effects, particularly within the workplace where there’s ample opportunity to recognise warning signs and respond proactively.

It’s challenging to recall a time when life was devoid of stress. Recent years have been marked by a series of crises, magnified by the pervasive influence of media, intensifying both the positive and negative consequences of stress on physical and mental well-being.

While a moderate amount of stress can be seen as motivating, fostering creativity and productivity, persistent financial pressures, climate change anxieties, global conflicts, and political instability can escalate stress to intolerable levels.

Fortunately, those grappling with stress need not feel isolated; companies can play a significant role in supporting their employees. In the following sections, we’ll delve deeper into the causes and repercussions of stress and mental health challenges, as well as explore available support mechanisms.

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