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Electrical Safety.

Published by Safety Net Team

June 28, 2022

General safety in the workplace, including the safety of electrical systems and appliances, is required under the Health and Safety at Work, etc Act 1974. Specific electrical safety duties are required under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 (EAW), which applies to all non-domestic premises.

The inspection and testing of electrical installations and equipment is covered in Electrical Inspection and Testing. .

  • As electricity can kill, insulation is used as a physical, non-conducting barrier to prevent contact by persons with live electrical parts. Electrical Insulation
  • Electrical cables are colour coded according to BS 7671:2018 Requirements for Electrical Installations. IET Wiring Regulations. Cable Insulation Colours
  • Earthing provides a low resistance path to conduct fault current to earth. Earthing
  • When working with electricity, an employer has a legal duty to produce and implement procedures that clearly state safe working practices and any safety measures that should be employed. Electrical Safe Systems of Work
  • Live work is generally prohibited, although there are situations where live working is necessary or unavoidable.
  • Electric shock, burns, fire, explosion and electrostatic charging may all occur as a result of electrical faults or work. Electrical Hazards
  • Persons working on or with electrical systems must be adequately competent to prevent danger and injury. Training The specific requirements for electrical safety should form part of an integrated safety policy.

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