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Wellbeing of the Workplace

Published by Safety Net Team

May 22, 2023

The wellbeing of you staff is vital to the success of your organisation

Do you invest in workplace wellness?
There are three key reasons to promote employee wellbeing in the workplace:
• Productivity and motivation: if an employee is mentally and physically healthy, they have more energy and are more focused — which means they can perform better in their job.
• Camaraderie and morale: group wellness activities, in and outside of work, build a shared purpose — which increases team morale.
• Work-related stress: positive wellbeing reduces stress — which otherwise could impact productivity and health.

Main areas of employee wellbeing.

Management methods and systems and procedures to protect and foster staff wellbeing
First, you should assess and audit the current level of wellbeing in your organisation, decide where you want to be and then work out how you are going to get there.
A staff wellbeing audit is a great way to assess your wellbeing initiatives from a holistic point of view.
If the audit indicates certain issues, or if you already know the areas you wish to improve in, you can target them with specific initiatives.

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